Dorothy Morkis, Olympic Medallist in Dressage,

Dottie and Monaco Dottie and Monaco Dottie and Monaco
Dottie Morkis and Monaco

Dottie pioneered American success in the equestrian discipline traditionally dominated by European competitors. Dottie won a team bronze medal in the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal, as a member of an all female Dressage team.

Dottie's individual performance in the 1976 Olympics produced the highest score achieved by an American in an Olympic competition, (5th), a record which stood for Telegram from the Spanish Riding School congratulating Dotti Morkis for her Olympinc successmany years. At the 1975 Pan American Games in Mexico City, she won the individual Bronze and Team Gold medals.
In 1991, Dottie was reserve rider for the World Cup with Wandi. From 1997 to 2000 Dottie competed Elvira and Gershwin, both long listed for the team. In 1998, Gershwin was 4th in the country at Prix St. George and went on to do the Pan American trials. With the retirement of Elvira, and Gershwin, enter Mister Big who is now competing in Grand Prix.

Ernst Bachinger,who is a long time trainer of Olympian Dorothy MorkisErnst Bachinger, Director of the Spanish Riding School also serves as the current Director of the Spanish Riding School of Vienna.

Dottie continues to compete successfully in international and national competition.

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